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Lieben Sie Wien…?

… is a musical declaration of love to Vienna, the city of music, and to the city’s musical tradition which influenced each of the four VIENNA CLARINET CONNECTION musicians. Johann Strauss, Fritz Kreisler, Franz Lehár, Ludwig van Beethoven, W. A. Mozart and many other musical personalities from the past and present – presented in the distinctive style of the VIENNA CLARINET CONNECTION. PR91566 Price includes shipping to Austria and the EU

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Electric Woods

An extraordinary project which shows once more which endless opportunities clarinets offer. Guests: Karen Asatrian (Keyboard) and Reinhardt Winkler (Drums) crack 062010037 Price includes shipping to Austria and the EU

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Czernowitzer Skizzen

12 sketches by the composer Alexander Kukelka, in which the sound of a lost world can be heard. Czernowitz: “a Black Forest village, a Podolian ghetto, a little Viennese Suburb, a piece of deepest Russia, and a piece of most modern America”. This multi-ethnic mosaic was destroyed, the ethnic groups expelled and their traces erased. Sad is the current repeating history. The city of Czernowitz, located in today’s Ukraine, becomes a war zone again due to the fighting against Russia. Gramola 98845 Price includes shipping to Austria and the EU

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A very special birthday present to the ensemble´s 20th anniversary. Own compositions and arrangements from Benny Goodman´s songbook and other musical highlights like Gershwin Rhapsody in Blue and Copland Concerto.

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Café Europa

F. Mendelssohn Bartholdy, Sommernachtstraum, Scherzo
Hubert Salmhofer, O Bijav, Percy Aldrige Grainger, Molly On The Shore; Alexander Kukelka, Czernowitzer Skizzen; Helmut Hödl, Quartett Nr. 2 Franz Schubert, Impromptu Nr. 2 in Es; Helmut Hödl, Out of Love, A Tribute To Itchy Fingers, Tscho Theissing, Duna Lied, Traditional, Beautiful Milka; Mike Curtis, A Klezmer Wedding; Josef Kosma, Autumn Leaves.

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Out of…

The charm of a coffee house aroma and the cool elegance of polished stone.
LC 8202 – EX 512
out of jazz, quartett Nr. 1, picnic, out of bond, september, solfeggietto, summertime.

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V.C.C. 001

PEP 95009
A night in tunisia, a little funky song for sheba, autumn leaves, in between, in a sentimental mood,…

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